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Weird Science

Weird Science seemed so fun back in 1985, but it has lost all its magic in the 28 years since its release.

Writer/Director John Hughes created some terrific 80's films, including The Breakfast Club, Vacation and nearly every successful teen oriented flick of the era.

In this dated comedy, high school uber-nerds Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith manage to create their perfect woman in a sequence that gives virtually no explanation of how this happens. The computer involved is now so dated that it provides the biggest unintentional laughs of the film, with horrible special effects and graphics to boot. (or reboot as I recall....)

The fact that their created woman is played by Kelly LeBrock certainly helps the movie. Her Lisa is sexy, fun, playful and gorgeous, and dressed in every bad stereotypical big hair and bad outfit the 80's had to offer.

Michael Hall is still damned funny, a young Bill Paxton is memorable as abusive older brother Chet, some of the 80's music is pretty nostalgic to hear again, but MAN is this dated.

There are twenty minute stretches without a chuckle, let alone LOL moments.

Without the scene where Lebrock tells Hall's parents why he is going to a party, which is hilarious, the film wouldn't really have any more than mildly funny moments.

Alas, Weird Science now plays like a failed experiment and only conjures up a C.

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