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Watchmen (Miniseries)

HBO seems to have fine tuned the art of the limited series, and they've created a classic with their adaption of WATCHMEN.

Beautifully shot, incredibly well cast and spinning a story that even Watchmen fans wont recognize, its a huge-budget head trip.

In an alternate universe to our own, Robert Redford is President of the USA, law officers across the country are forced to wear masks to avoid attack and a second generation of antiheroes take center stage.

Regina King is Angela Abar/Sister Night, a lawman in Tulsa, Oklahoma by day and vigilante by night. The first episode finds her investigating the death of her boss, who does not appear to be the lawman she thought he was.

Every step she takes into the mystery of his death opens up a deeper layer of conspiracy.

Dr. Manhattan, the naked, giant, blue genius appears to be on another planet serving as a demi-God to citizens on Earth after his legendary victory fighting alongside the USA in Vietnam.

Using the classic Alan Moore graphic novel as a starting point, creator Damen Lindelof (World War Z, Lost) paints an ambitious new world, spanning time, even planets in its scope. Tackling racism, society class, religion,

authority and hero worship shows ambition enough. Layering a massive science fiction story about the end of the world on TOP of that structure is audacious.

Deep rooted fans married to Moore's original story were mostly outraged by this new spin. As a more casual but appreciative fan of the original, I loved the experience spread over 9+ hours of immersion in these visually arresting worlds and the intricate mystery of the plot.

Lathered in graphic nudity, sexual content, profanity, violence and casual killings, its an adult experience that stretches even HBO's standards.

I was a huge fan of Dr. Manhattan and Sister Night's stories, less so of Adrian Veidt's storyline, even though Jeremy Irons brings his usual power to the role.

Louis Gossett Jr (Officer and a Gentleman) is terrific as Wlll Reeves, Don Johnson is great in a brief role in episode one, Tim Blake Nelson kills it as Will/Looking Glass and Jovan Adepo (Overlord, Fences) all but steals the movie as Will Reeves. I'm excited to hear he's been cast as Larry Underwood in the new adaption of Stephen King's "The Stand".

Lidelof has told HBO that he really only wanted to do one season of the story. I, for one, am hoping he reconsiders as I'd love to spend another season in these incredible worlds so similar, yet so different from our own.

It's time for WATCHMEN, a challenging experience that will alienate some, but gets an A+ from this corner.

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