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True Detective Season 1 (Miniseries)

For my money, the best Series that I've seen since The Sopranos, HBO's TRUE DETECTIVE is an amazing, dark journey with two actors at the peak of their game.

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson star as Rust Cohle and Martin Hart, two Louisiana detectives investigating a trail of ritualistic murders in the murky South.

The series cleverly juxtaposes modern day interviews with them both alongside flashbacks of their police work as it happened over a decade ago.

Truly opposites, Martin (Harrelson) is a funny, bravado spewing family man on the surface, while Rust (McConaughey) is a brooding, philosophical ball of skepticism about the world and humans in general.

Over 8 thoughtful, deliberately paced, perfectly written episodes that feature long stretches of intelligent quiet moments peppered with explosive and brilliantly staged action sequences, TRUE DETECTIVE carves a very black, disturbing and involving tale.

Harrelson does some of his best work, bringing most of the humor to the show while slowly unveiling a man with a perfect family on the surface but a lot of demons just beneath. He is matched and upped by McConaughey. I didn't think he could ever top his work in "Dallas Buyers Club" but he shatters that ceiling here, creating a character so brutally damaged and so pessimistic that it's amazing the viewer cares at all about him.

Rust has a code of right and wrong that's all his own and McConaughey conveys that dark code in every moment of his performance. He's brilliant (and twisted...and sad...and dangerous).

HBO continues to take TV to a new level and McConaughey and Harrelson also serve as executive producers. After these 8 episodes, which resolve the case, if not Rust and Martin's complicated lives, True Detective will be back next year with two different big stars and a totally different story.

If that return can match even half the intensity of this first season, we will be there ever week!

Creator Nic Pizzolatto is an award winning novelist and this is his first major effort as a filmmaker. He created the series and wrote every episode.

Also aboard for every episode is Directing newcomer Cary Fukunaga. He has just been announced as the director of a remake of Stephen King's "IT" and based on his work here, that's pretty exciting for King fans (count me in that lot!).

From the supporting cast, especially Michelle Monaghan as Martin's wife, to photography, to editing and T Bone Burnett's atmospheric music, this is an amazing show.

Not for every taste, dark as night and very disturbing, TRUE DETECTIVE is groundbreaking and gets an A+.

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