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Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon

By far the best of the Transformers trilogy (and I know for some of you, that's like saying "the best meal I ever ate at Denny's") this is two and a half hours of great 3D CGI and action. Unlike the last one (one of the worst movies I ever barely sat through) "Dark of the Moon" starts off with an intriguing twist on the 1960's space race and ends with a 45 minute onslaught of Chicago.

There is actually a story you can follow this time and more than a few laughs along the way. And let me just say, Megan Who???? LOUD, FAST & FUN. The sequence in the skyscraper being cut in half and our heroes sliding across the floor like some land bound Titanic sequel is excellent. Third time's a charm!

Who knew a Transformers movie could ever get a B from me. Unlikely to ever happen again....

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