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There's a Girl in My Soup

1970's THERE'S A GIRL IN MY SOUP is a featherweight comedy made enjoyable by Peter Sellers at his conservative comedy best and a very young Goldie Hawn in her second film, fresh out of Laugh-In and making a splash.

Sellers plays UK TV personality Robert Danvers, an arrogant ladies man with a never ending parade of young women through his luxury apartment.

Danvers meets Marion (Hawn) by chance one evening and brings her home, followed by a very funny evening of frustrated seduction.

The two discover more in each other than they expect, but the story doesn't take you in the direction you anticipate going in.

Sellers is subtle but has perfect comic timing. No one has ever been better at throwaway comic lines. Hawn is sexy, charming and funny and already shows some nice acting chops in her second movie.

Adult, lightweight, British comedy fun with some very, very dated music, clothes and attitudes that seem right out of an Austin Powers film.

A nostalgic, entertaining time capsule we'll give a B-.

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