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The Tree of Life

"The Tree of Life" blew me away. Terrence Malick's 5th film in 38 years (he takes his time and so does this movie) this won't be for everyone, but if you like thoughtful, beautiful films, this is as good as it gets.

Oh, and if you like linear storytelling, all your questions answered and lots of action, you are going to detest this movie. In its two hours and 20 minutes, my thoughts were:

this is like 2001 for a new generation....

Brad Pitt has never been better...

how many times are they going to show 15-second shots of trees?..

every frame of this film looks like a painting....

which son is Sean Penn?....

is that really a dinosaur?.... all of which should give you a feel for how confounding, twisted, serious, powerful and beautiful this movie is. My favorite movie of 2011 so far. Take a deep breath, be patient and soak it up. A+

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