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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Is it possible to miscast yourself when serving as your own director? Ben Stiller answers that with a resounding YES in the interesting but frustrating THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY.

This 2013 unnecessary remake of the 1947 film and Thurber literary classic features Stiller as Walter Mitty, photographer at the soon to be closing LIFE magazine (or was it Look? In an early sign of disinterest I honestly can't remember).

Living a life so quiet that he isn't noticed anywhere, Walter carries on a rich fantasy life in which he is a modern mountain climber/astronaut/adventurer/dashing man about town.

When he is suddenly whisked away due to his job (the screenplay is so flimsy I've already forgot exactly why) Walter suddenly finds himself experiencing real life adventures that break loose the man inside.

Escaping an erupting volcano in Iceland or traversing countries in search of a one lost frame of film that will somehow unlock the mysteries of life (don't ask) Stiller creates a film that's beautiful to look at, stylish to the tenth degree and somehow empty.

With the biggest budget he's ever had to play with, Stiller fills every frame with plenty to see, but by casting himself at the story's center, never quite manages to create a character that you care about.

Kristin Wiig and Sean Penn provide able support and bring some life to the proceedings, but I could never quite figure out what tone Stiller was going for with this goofy, pleasant but emotionally disconnected movie.

Maybe I was in the wrong frame of mind, but I just never connected with it for even a moment.

It's bright, shiny, visually stunning and eh........

Mitty gets a C.

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