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The Poseidon Adventure

This was one of my faves when I was a kid. Took all my friends for my 12th birthday to Thomas Mall to see it! I have to say its pretty hard to watch now, at least until the tidal wave hits. The acting is horrible and I've heard better dialogue on Scooby Doo.....BUT, once the ship flips, there are some great pre-CGI action sequences as each of the wooden characters meets their demise except for the lucky 6. Shelly Winters, Gene Hackman and Roddy McDowell at least seem to be acting! Ernest Borgnine shouts virtually every line of dialogue, beating you senseless with his abrasive dialogue, hell, he's even yelling on the poster.

Speaking of the poster, the original artwork by Mort Kunstler is fantastic. I so miss these true works of art that used to grace many posters back in the day.

Back in 1972, this got an A+, now let's give it a C. (fun to see the pre-Frank Drebin/Leslie Nielsen here as the ship's captain!)

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