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The Hunt for Red October

Ranking as one of the biggest hits of 1990 and easily in my all time top 100, it was great to revisit THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER.

In one of his best film roles, Sean Connery plays the USSR's best submarine captains, Marko Ramius. Ramius is at the helm of new sub Red October on its first trip from port with a handpicked team of officers.

Shortly after the voyage begins, Ramius replaces the official orders with his own, which take him to the east coast of the United States.

Adam Baldwin is at the peak of his film career as Jack Ryan, Tom Clancy's greatest hero.

Ryan is the lone voice telling Washington that Ramius intends to defect, not attack.

What follows is two hours of great action movie making, strong storytelling and director John McTiernan's best film since the original Die Hard.

Surrounded by a great cast, including Scott Glenn, James Earl Jones, Sam Neill and Richard Jordan, Baldwin and Connery play submarine, verbal and mental tag beneath the sea.

Connery is legendary and carries the center of the film with class and style.

Baldwin walked away from future Jack Ryan roles, so Harrison Ford took over. I like Ford, but what a shame for Baldwin. He's great in the part, believable, smart and adds some humor that Ford never found in the role.

One of the best of the nineties, October deserves to resurface on your watch list soon. It's a definitive action classic and gets an A+.

Followed in 1992 by "Patriot Games".

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