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The Hundred Foot Journey

For a predictable, quiet but charming drama, THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY serves up a truly enjoyable night at the movies.

Helen Mirren (always fantastic) stars as Madame Mallory, the pretentious, stuffy owner of the only Michelin Star restaurant in a tiny town in France.

Her business and her life are noisily interrupted by the Kadam family, recent immigrants to the South of France in a minivan packed with all their belongings and extended family.

When the Kadams decide to open an Indian restaurant across the street from Madame Mallory's stuffy, elegant and undeniably superb location, the battle begins.

Manish Dayal has star power as Hassan Kadam, a talented chef who learned at his mother's side but has true talent in the kitchen. As he falls in love with Madame Mallory's young star chef in training Marguerite, the relationships grown more complicated.

Om Puri is excellent as Papa, the patriarch of the Kadam family, who clashes toe-to-toe with Madame Mallory and with Mirren in terrific performances.

The story doesn't provide a lot of shocks, the culture clash leads to discoveries on both sides and relationships blossom as you think they might, but under the direction of Lasse Hallstrom (Chocolat, The Cider House Rules and the recent excellent Salmon Fishing in the Yemen) the movie is so charming that it's hard not to just sit and smile for two hours.

The photography is beautiful, the food looks fantastic and the cast and story shine.

Producers Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg know a good property when they see it and you can feel Spielberg's hand in some of the key scenes.

What an enjoyable distraction.

Prepare to be charmed and hungry when you come out of the theatre.

It's a hundred-foot journey worth taking and we give it a B.

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