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The Hollywood Knights

My neighbor's fave movie, THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS is a 1980 comedy in the spirit of Porky's, which Columbia was obviously trying to copy and imitate. The hero of this little movie is the casting director, who managed to cast Michelle Pfieffer, Robert Wuhl, Fran Drescher, Tony Danza and Stuart Pankin as unknowns! It's the last night before the town council shuts down the local carhop food drive-in, the hangout of 50's gang The Hollywood Knights. Hijinks, pool parties, practical jokes and lots of boobs ensue.....It's a harmless and lightweight 80's view of the early 1960's. A surprising amount of laughs, especially from Pankin as Dudley and Wuhl as hero Newbomb Turk. DUMB, Fun, R-rated 80's comedy. We'll give it a C.

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