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The Great Waldo Pepper

1975's THE GREAT WALDO PEPPER is a high flying adventure featuring Robert Redford as the title character. One of the best pilots (second best to be exact) of WWI, Waldo never achieved the glory he deserved. Now barnstorming for the locals and feeling modern aviation developing around him, Waldo seeks glory and one last face off against the greatest pilot he once faced in the war. This is a terrific film. I thought it was going to be a light comedy and was really surprised by the dramatic twists, turns and tragedy in the story. Written by one the 20th century's greatest screenwriters William Goldman, this screenplay sets up the story and characters perfectly and takes you places you won't expect. Redford is terrific, as are Bo Svenson, Margot Kidder in an early role and Bo Brundin as Ernst Kessler, Waldo's adversary in the air. Director George Roy Hill (The Sting, Butch Cassidy, Slap Shot) does it again. The Great Waldo Pepper truly soars to an A.

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