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The Goonies

Back in 1985, Producer Steven Spielberg and Director Richard Donner (Superman) teamed up to bring us the ultimate kids summer movie, THE GOONIES. Watching it again almost 30 years later, it's fun, kind of annoying and mostly LOUD.

You have to credit them for bringing together a great cast of kids, including future stars Josh Brolin, Martha Plimpton and Sean Astin.

The film starts off with the kids enjoying their last days together before the evil rich dude in town buys their homes to put up a new development and forces their families to scatter. After finding a treasure map in their attic, the gang (and that meant something different back in 85) begins to follow the clues to a pirate treasure that could give them the money to stop the foreclosure.

A fun trio of bad guys, the Fratelli's, including Mamma (hilarious Ann Ramsey) and her sons, played by Robert Davi and Joe Pantoliano, get in the kids way and are soon chasing them and the treasure.

Everything in the movie is loud, from the kids, to the pratfalls, to the emotions. Don't look for subtlety, but who needs it in a summer movie, right?

Dave Grusin's music score is excellent, Donner keeps things popping along at a nice pace and Chunk and Sloth keep the laughs coming.

MMMMM Baby Ruth!!!

Silly, lightweight Spielberg that's probably more fun (and more annoying) than you might remember it.

We'll give it a loud, crashing, screaming, shouting, fun little B-.

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