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The Flim Flam Man

Old fashioned comedy of the highest order, 1967's THE FLIM FLAM MAN will keep a smile on your face throughout as pros in front of and behind the camera deliver the goods.

George C.Scott slays in his funniest role as aging con man Mordecai C. Jones, the most slippery salesman since Harold Hill stole half of River City, Iowa.

He's got his shtick down to a fine science, taking a young army deserter named Curley (Michael Sarrazin in his film debut) under his wing.

The two prove to be a formidable pair at the game until his protege falls for a beautiful, rich girl in one of the towns. Bonnie Lee Packard (Sue Lyon, "Lolita") falls for Curley too, much to the horror of her dad (Jack Albertson) and the town sheriff, perfectly played by Harry Morgan (Colonel Potter on TV's M*A*SH*). Morgan and Wynn deliver every bit of physical comedy like pros, as do Alice Ghostley (Bewitched), Strother Martin (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid), Slim Pickens (Blazing Saddles) and Albert Salmi (Caddyshack) as the most fumbling deputy this side of Barney Fife.

With the same gentle family wit and laughs of The Andy Griffith Show, its family friendly, fast fun, well directed by Irvin Kirshner (The Empire Strikes Back).

Scott shows real comic talent, spewing off lines like his "Masters Degree In Back-Stabbing, Cork-Screwing and Dirty-Dealing" while still showing his usual dramatic chops when it serves the story. He followed this film up for Fox the next year with his Oscar Winning role as "Patton". That's quite a bit of range!

Just as fun as it's "Mad Magazine" style poster by Jack Davis, THE FLIM FLAM MAN gets a nostalgic B.

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