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The Disaster Artist

I've long been interested in the cult midnight "so bad it's good" movie, "The Room". After seeing James Franco's terrific behind the scenes look at how it was made, I HAVE to seek it out.

Like a modern day Ed Wood, Tommy Wiseau seems to have unlimited funds and virtually no talent in his pursuit of Hollywood success.

When Tommy meets barely employed model and dull aspiring actor Greg Sistero (Dave Franco), he finds a best friend and a muse that inspires him to write and direct his own film.

Both Franco boys are terrific in their roles. James BECOMES Tommy, in all his mumbling, bizarre, eccentric and unique glory. He's also nearly unrecognizable, which works well for him.

Dave is great too, the more human of the two, torn between his good friend, ambition and desire.

We watch as Tommy drops millions of dollars on a horrible script, taking a turkey on the page and layering it in horrible acting and staging. Tommy likes to say that we're on his planet when watching the film. Based on his script, the people on his planet do not display any normal human emotions.

At times hilarious and surprisingly touching in moments, an all-star comedy cast brings tons of laughs as they try to survive on one of the most offensive, off-kilter movie sets of all time.

Seth Rogan, Alison Brie, Josh Hutcherson (how old is that kid anyway?-haha) and Megan Mullally are all damn funny.

It's all Franco all the time, with James directing the film as well. Anything but a disaster, it's a telling look at a very mysterious man and his Citizen Kane of strange that still plays to sold out midnight movie houses today.

I gotta see it.....

I'd say it cant possibly be as bad as its reputation, but after seeing this, I think its far worse, hilariously so.

Franco's staging and acting during the finale of the film, "The Room"'s big Hollywood premiere is exceptional. There are a lot of moods in the last 20 minutes and they work together perfectly, not an easy task.

THE DISASTER ARTIST is a fascinating portrait of a Wiseau and his legacy. It gets a B+.

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