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The Commuter

Poor Liam Neeson, can't he ever just get where he is going and be left in peace? At least he put's his action hero skills to work in entertaining fashion in 2018's THE COMMUTER.

This time, he's ex-cop, aging insurance salesman Michael MacCauley, who's already having a bad day when he boards the same commuter train home to suburban New York as he does every evening.

But today, a mysterious woman passenger named Joanna (Vera Farmiga) sits down across from him and challenges him to a little verbal quiz.

What would Michael do if he was offered a large sum of money just to find a certain person on the train?

That simple question soon escalates into something tangible, with real consequences that ripple out from every decision he makes.

Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring, Phantom of the Opera) is current cop and Michael's ex partner. Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) is the Police Captain with uncertain loyalties.

Neeson has found a second career playing these physical action roles as men who should be too old to beat the crap out of various bad guys, but thanks to his "particular set of skills" (and good stunt work and editing) he seems to always rise above.

Action director Jaume Collet-Serra (NonStop, Unknown) has plenty of style. Even though the best actions sequences are completely unbelievable and preposterous, they are fun as hell to watch.

This is is best full speed train derailment since "Silver Streak" and the special effects are fun. With action aplenty and zero brain cells needed to enjoy it, THE COMMUTER is an action packed trip worth taking.

Just don't wander the cars looking for logic or you'll be left empty handed.

All aboard! Like the camera above, under and around the train, this thing never stops moving. I give it a brainless B-.

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