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The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

Back in 1973, at 12 years old, I remember seeing THE BOY WHO CRIED WEREWOLF as the bottom half of a double bill with "SSSSSSS", which still holds up with a great cast. It was one of the last of the official "Double Features" released by Universal Studios.

This mess defines the "bottom" half of a double feature.

Young Richie has barely unloaded the groceries with his divorced Dad Robert when a werewolf lurking in the bushes bites his Dad.

Hilarity ensues. Well, its not supposed to be a comedy, but please consider;

* The werewolf makeup is the tamest of all time, with the creatures looking more like a lap dog than a ferocious monster.

* At least thirty people see Richie's dad, wearing his dad's clothes as he attacks, yet not one of them calls it anything but an animal

* A group of Jesus freaks figures prominently in the second half, like they wondered in from 'Helter Skelter" or an equally lame non-monster movie

* At one point the werewolf grabs a shovel and starts digging a hole in the basement to bury the head of one of his victims. You haven't seen awkward until you've seen a werewolf digging a hole. It kind of throws the whole wild animal thing off....

* The music is hilariously bad in every scene. I've seen a lot of cheap horror movies with great scary music, how hard is THAT to get right?

* Almost the whole movie is shot day for night, with heavy filters on the camera so it appears to be night time, but they can shoot the film all day. Unfortunately, when half your plot revolves around the sun going down or coming up, the constant daylight tends to dampen your suspense.

This is some funny crap.

It's not supposed to be, but it is, CRAP I mean.

I've seen Life Alert commercials with better acting. Woof. This Boy gets an F.

Go back and visit the top half of the double feature, "SSSSSSS", It's a winner.

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