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Tango & Cash

In the late 80's, you couldn't get two bigger action movie stars than Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell to headline a big summer tent pole.

And with a $55 million budget, the producers didn't cut any corners on TANGO & CASH.

So why is it so mediocre?

Stallone trades in Rocky's boxing shorts and Rambo's fatigues for Armani suits as famed detective Ray Tango. Slick, stylish and all ego, Tango has only one competitor when it comes to drug busts. That's Russell's blue collar cop Gabe Cash.

They're opposites! Won't that be fun!?

Do you think maybe they'll end up on the same bad side of a nasty drug kingpin, played with over-the-top intensity by Jack Palance?

Will they have to come together to battle the bad guys?

Will there be several huge action sequences including a massive prison break that defies every rule of logic?


And you'll sit there wondering where all the money went.

There is one classic funny line, when Cash ends up at the same crime scene where Tango tells him it's his case and he's been working it for months. Cash responds "That's how stupid you are, I've been working it for three hours and I'm already caught up."

Russell is terrific, funny, laid back and brings the laughs. Stallone is good in the action scenes and less comfortable with the comedy, but the whole thing plays like an overblown 90 minute TV movie on steroids.

Palance still seems to think he's playing Curly in "City Slickers" delivering every line in a death whisper.

Uber violent and dumb, TANGO & CASH sputters along to a C-, saved from a lower grade by some great stunts and Russell's charm.

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