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Spies in Disguise

An action-packed animated blast for the whole family, SPIES IN DISGUISE is a visual feast for spy thriller fans of all ages.

WIll Smith is OO7 doppelgänger Lance Sterling, equipped with more gadgets than Q ever dreamed of and more one-liners than Schwarzenegger in his heyday.

When evil madman Killian (Ben Mendelsohn from "The Outsider") steals the names of every secret agent (Skyfall anyone?) he also impersonates Sterling, putting our man on the wrong side of the law.

Thankfully he's got young Walter Beckett (voiced by current Spiderman Tom Holland) creating a whole new range of secret weapons and disguises. Unfortunately, one of them turns Sterling into a pigeon.

Forced to chase Killian around the globe in a set of feathers, Smith and Holland bring plenty of laughs while the animators drop them into the some of the coolest cars, boats, submarines and villain's lairs in recent history.

My grandson was over the moon on this one, huge belly laughs from that side of the couch. Neither of us are big fans of pigeons, but we're champions of a few of the winged characters here. Kudos to writers Brad Copeland (Arrested Development, Ferdinand) and Lloyd Taylor (The WIld) for sprinkling enough adult geared laughs to keep this fun for all ages.

The final battle on the island, with all of Walter's weapons on display at once, blows your eyeballs out with color and originality. We watched several sequences twice to catch all the pieces. On Apple TV 4K, its a feast for the eyes and the ears. Every bit of the $111 million budget is right there, exploding on screen.

Smith is effortlessly cool. It's an unexpectedly enjoyable entry in the animated film genre and gets a B+. Jonah gives it two thumbs up and he's been impersonating one of the pigeons all day today, getting big laughs all over again!

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