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Soylent Green

I have such fond memories of seeing this back in 1973 at the Valley West Mall in Glendale! SOYLENT GREEN has held up about as well as the ozone layer did in this look at NYC in 2022. Charlton Heston is a cop, Edward G Robinson (in his last film role) is a "Book", Leigh Taylor Young is "Furniture" get it. Everything is depersonalized and smoggy. But watching this in 2012, everything is hilarious! Seeing what they thought it would look like ten years from NOW back in 1973: The TVs will apparently be 15" analog sets. Full size video games with PONG technology will be state of the art and in your living room if you are VERY rich, cars look a lot like 1973 Dodges...

BUT, several scenes still are kitschy fun: The Riot Control garbage trucks scooping up rioting crowds, Edward G "going home" and seeing Cinerama style color movies of the world the way it used to be, Heston's ending declaration of the secret of Soylent Green; still pretty great in an early 70's way. The poster is WAY better than the movie, but its still a fun guilty pleasure. In 1973, an A! In 2012, a C.

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