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South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

One of the funniest, foulest, laugh-out-loud, profane comedies ever, 1999's SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER & UNCUT is a work of nasty genius.

If I have to explain who the characters are, don't see this, you'll hate it.

Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny sneak into the R rated animated film ASSES OF FIRE by Canadian stars Terrence and Phillip. T&P's entire comedy act is based on farts and envelope pushing profanity, which the boys soon unleash on their classmates.

Before you can say "They Killed Kenny!", the boys parents have turned their lack of leadership into a war with Canada, including an aggressive bombing of the Baldwin brothers and verbal attacks on Celine Dion, Bryan Adams and Anne Murray.

Did I mention it's a musical? A brilliant, hilarious, fully orchestrated musical? The fact that the names of some of the songs are completely unmentionable doesn't stop them from being gut busting funny.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone show plenty of 1999 foreshadowing of their Broadway smash "The Book of Mormon" by creating a musical of great scale and deep depths of bad behavior.

While it's only 88 minutes long, it must have three times that many nasty words and at least four times as many laughs.

Two thirds of the way through, Satan and Sadaam Hussein are in hell singing songs of angst and seduction, Winona Rider is putting on the most jaw dropping USO show ever and the boys are immersed in a full scale Les Mis style revolution to free Terrence & Phillip.

This is uncensored, hilarious and very nasty fun and like their Broadway hit a decade later, it has a lot of excellent music and much more to say than it appears on its highly polished comic surface.

It gets a capital A from me, but consider yourself warned as it is GUARANTEED to offend anyone and everyone. I was laughing so hard, it didn't bother me.

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