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Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For

Sometimes sequels take too damn long to make and the world just moves on, the magic of the first one lost before part two emerges on screen.

SIN CITY 2: A DAME TO KILL FOR is a prime example. I loved the 2005 original, with Director Robert Rodriguez and brilliant artist Frank Miller creating one of the first and best graphic novel experiences for the big screen.

Nine years later, they reteam with a talented cast for another look at the violent, sordid citizens of Sin City.

Mickey Rourke is still the best in show as square-jawed Marv and it's hard to find any fault with Jessica Alba's Nancy. I don't remember her saying one word in this entire film, but I think most guys in the audience will understand my haze.

Many new cast members fail to connect, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ray Liotta.

Eva Green and Josh Brolin provide the best episode this time around in the story of a photographer caught in a web around a married woman he loves that's being abused at home. Green is sexy, dangerous and damn scary.

However, its amazing how dramtically flat the entire film comes off, considering its 3D look is constantly popping off the screen. Visually, it's still cool but without a story to match its veneer, this dame bores more than excites.

Maybe Sin City is one of those vacation spots you want to visit but never go back. This return voyage disappoints on nearly every level.

Save the trip and revisit the original instead, you'll be glad you did. #2 gets a C.

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