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Silver Linings Playbook

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence team up for the biggest double-surprise of great performances in recent memory in SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK.

Cooper is excellent as Pat Solitano, newly sprung from a mental institution and clearly still dealing with his separated wife's affair that drove him over the edge.

Cooper moves home with his parents (the excellent Jackie Weaver and Robert DeNiro in his best performance in ages) and struggles with finding level ground.

After he meets a recently widowed young neighborhood woman, Tiffany, he faces all sorts of new challenges to his priorities, obsessions and everyday life.

Lawrence is excellent as Tiffany, and she knocked me out. Having only seen her in Hunger Games, I had no idea the depth of her talent. Her Best Actress Academy Award was well deserved.

The less you know about where the story goes the better, just know that these characters act & feel like real people, a rare trait these days.

Disturbed real people, yes, but all feels authentic under the direction of David O. Russell. I have to admit this is the first film of his I have ever seen, but it has made me want to seek out plenty more. What should I start with Russell fans?

Chris Tucker even shows up and gives a strong performance far removed from his Rush Hour antics.

Great cast, original story, beautiful story telling.

This one is all silver linings for me and gets an A.

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