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Woody Allen has definitely left his comic phase far behind with the depressing, powerful but dark drama SEPTEMBER.

The entire film takes place at a Vermont Summer House, where Lane (Mia Farrow) wallows in depression, recovering from a suicide attempt and self absorbed in her misery and delusions of a potential career move to NYC.

Neighbor Howard (Denholm Elliott) is in love with Lane, who is in love with visiting writer Peter (Sam Waterston) who is in love with Stephanie (Dianne Wiest) who is Lane's best friend.

Circling around this group is Lane's mother Diane (perfectly and powerfully played by Elaine Stritch), a former movie star and socialite with plenty of followers and fading fame. Jack Warden stars as her husband Lloyd, who pours her drinks, stays at her side and seems content doing so.

About halfway through the film, you realize that everyone in the film is miserable, that everyone wants what they cant have and there will be no happy ending.

Woody Allen stages the entire film on one set like a filmed play, his writing is sharp and the characters are believable, but that does not mean you'll want to spend 90 minutes with any of them.

If you'd love to see 'August Osage County" but without any of its humor, there's always SEPTEMBER.

We'll give it a sad and dreary C.

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