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Back in 1981, after struggling through the early 1970's and reemerging in the late 70's with such huge hits as the Pink Panther series and "10", Blake Edwards skewered his struggles in the dark comedy S.O.B.

It's not hard to draw comparisons of Edwards own hard times in Hollywood after the 1970 musical mega-bomb "Darling Lili" starring his wife Julie Andrews and the misadventures of our film director in SOB, Felix Farmer, played by Richard Mulligan.

After Farmer's mega budget musical bombs, he decides to recreate the film as a soft core porn film and the insanity ensues.

Edwards real-life wife Julie Andrews plays Farmer's wife and star Sally Miles, who Farmer insists do a topless scene to drive people to the box office.

And YES, Julie Andrews actually does do a topless scene in SOB and it's pretty damn funny.

In addition to seeing Maria Von Trapp's boobs, you'll also see a barrage of hit and miss insider Hollywood humor, including Robert Vaughn in women's lingerie as he carries on a phone negotiation, Robert Preston (who clearly steals the film) as a doctor willing to give anyone and everyone a shot of sedative, Larry Hagman as a ruthless studio cronie, Robert Webber as a hilariously neurotic and incontinent exec and William Holden at his best as Farmer's long suffering agent.

The film is not one of Edwards top films. It has funny moments and some great dialogue, but it suffers from some long passages without laughs, some jokes like the dead guy on the beach that go on forever without any payoff and a weak lead in Mulligan.

Andrews, Holden and Preston take SOB to another level anytime they are on screen, but overall, we'll give the film a B- and Julie Andrews kudos for her gutsy, vulgar turn as the anti-Mary Poppins.

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