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Rambo III

Three years after the box office bonanza Rambo II, Stallone returned to the screen to take on the Russian army in RAMBO III.

As the film opens, Rambo is living with monks in a monastery, helping them maintain their quarters and living in silence.

Rambo's only friend Colonel Trautman (Richard Crenna) comes to visit him and asks him to join a mission to join a secret force with the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan. Rambo refuses to join any war.

After the mission predictably and swiftly goes South and Trautman is held hostage, Rambo launches a rescue effort partnered with the Afghan rebels, going up against the brutal (and stereotypical 80's) Russian Colonel. Marc de Jong is better than he needs to be as the vicious commander.

80's action movie stalwart Kurtwood Smith (Robocop) plays a suspect operative and Jerry Goldsmith pushes all the action the great heights with an excellent music score.

Stallone's Rambo is a character without any arc, but if you are looking for a butt-kicking hero that can take out the biggest Ruskie helicopters with a missile launcher and his biceps, Stallone rocks.

Its brainless, action-filled fun that muscled its way to big box office in the summer of 1988.

We'll give it a loud, explosive B-.

Followed twenty years later by "Rambo".

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