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Peter Rabbit

One fun perk of having a 4 year old grandson is getting to see movies that you never would have bothered with as an adult. Of course, this can be a bad thing too, but not in the case of PETER RABBIT.

With humor aimed at both the young ones and adults, the comedy hits the target for both groups.

As the movie opens, four birds start singing a traditional musical number and my grandson looked at me like "what in the heck is this?"

Seconds later, the birds were knocked out of the sky and the movie became a modern, fast moving, comedy.

Sony animation has created perfect lifelike creatures of many species that have a great sense of humor, an eye for pranks and are 100% visually believable.

James Cordon is hilarious as the voice of Peter, Margot Robbie (I, Tonya) is Flopsy our narrator, Daisy Ridley (Rey in "Star Wars) and Sia round out our rabbits.

Rose Byrne (Bridesmaids, Neighbors) is an English painter whose little home is next door to a large farm where Peter and his friends are determined to pillage the garden daily.

Domnhall Gleeson (Ex Machina, Star Wars: The Last Jedi) is the new neighbor who inherits the farm and is determined to exterminate the furry brigade.

Whether your 4 or 55, great physical comedy gets laughs and both my grandson and I laughed a lot at the rabbits battling back at their new neighbor.

TV writers WIll Gluck and Rob Lieber (The Goldbergs) give the animals plenty of personality, while weaving in some messages on friendship and honesty for the little ones.

There has apparently been some ridiculous backlash against the movie by some association of food allergies. I am convinced people today can get offended by anything. The food allergy joke is even tempered in the film by the rabbits breaking the 4th wall and looking at the camera to say "of course food allergies should be taken seriously and arent a laughing matter" apparently knowing that some people have so little sense of humor that an animated rabbit movie about shooting berries at someone with tiny rabbit suspenders should be taken seriously.

The constant daily outrage machine should perhaps not target floppy eared cartoon animals if they want to be taken seriously. But I digress....

Cordon is hilarious throughout, two scenes with a literal deer in the headlights get big laughs and both my little buddy and I thought this was a very fun movie. With a $50 million budget, this is a great looking, big scale adventure for all ages.

My grandson gives it 5 red vines and I give it a family-friendly and very enjoyable B.

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