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Office Christmas Party

What better way to celebrate the onslaught of 100 degree temperatures in Phoenix than with a viewing of a snow covered holiday film from last season, OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY.

You can't deny the power of the cast.

Jason Bateman is Josh, the well liked team leader of a major Chicago company. TJ Miller is Clay the bad boy, irresponsible owner's son who's running the company with more of an eye for fun than profits, Jennifer Aniston is at her wicked best as Clay's sister Carol, who's ALL business and zero fun.

Kate McKinnon is a by the book HR director who's got her hands full and Vanessa Bayer, Rob Corddry and Olivia Munn are funny in supporting roles.

When a mandate comes down that the entire office will be shut down if they don't hit their numbers before Santa arrives, Clay and Josh go after a BIG client (Courtney B. Vance) and invite him to a massive office Christmas Party that defines out of control.

The film mines some frequent big laughs from its cast as the partygoers go from misbehaving to a wild mob, our potential new client ingests a serious amount of drugs by mistake and suddenly finds a new level of bravado and every predictable thing you can imagine happens during the party of all parties.

BUT that's the big problem, because the story is SO predictable and you've seen these archetype characters so many times before, you know exactly where its going from start to finish.

You'll know the ending a half hour before it rolls out under a rising sun, some falling snow and a feel good hug.

That being said, the cast is money.

Aniston and Miller are hilarious, Bateman grounds the whole thing with ease and Vance delivers big laughs as he finds inspiration in Miller's antics.

While it's predictable enough to feel like an often re-gifted present, we'll give it a C thanks to its game cast.

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