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Narrow Margin

Suspenseful and exciting, NARROW MARGIN is a fun thriller with a great cast.

Gene Hackman stars as LA Deputy District Attorney Robert Caulfield, committed to protecting Anne Archer as Carol Hunnicut who witnessed a mob hit on what has to qualify as one of the worst blind dates of all time.

Hackman discovers Archer holed up in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. When bad guys descend, they spend the rest of the film trying to escape death at every turn on a train to LA.

Picture "Silver Streak" without the laughs and a lot more bullets and you're on target.

Hackman is excellent in the action scenes and trading verbal attacks with the bad guys and Archer is great. There was no better female lead in thrillers than Archer in the 90's.

James Sikking (Hill Street Blues), M Emmet Walsh (Blood Simple) and JT Walsh (A Few Good Men) form an impressive trio of character actors that add immensely to the film.

The climactic scenes on top of the train are really well done, with Writer/Director Peter Hyams (2010, Outland, Capricorn One) doing fine work throughout.

An entertaining and fast moving remake of the 1952 original, NARROW MARGIN earns a very solid and exciting B.

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