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Misery Loves Comedy

Comedian Kevin Pollak has spent the past year capturing one-on-one interviews with some of the most famous comedians in America. They provide some laughs and plenty of insight into what makes funny people tick in MISERY LOVES COMEDY.

Pollack does a great job of balancing lighter, "upbeat" comedians like Jim Gaffigan and Jimmy Fallon with some very funny, darker folks like Amy Schumer and Mark Maron.

Larry David, Tom Hanks and Judd Apatow also share their views, along with George Carlin's daughter.

The film is broken up into multiple questions, which you see all the comedians answer. The questions can be light as in "When did you know you were funny".

They can also provide some dramatic honesty around "Do comedians have to be miserable to be funny?".

Maron talks about being deeply suicidal and how a suggestion to create his now famous podcast saved his life. Schumer is also very honest in opening up about who she is and what drives her perspective.

A fast moving documentary, it's interesting and pretty funny, with some surprisingly powerful human moments as well.

We'll give this quiet little doc a solid B.

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