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Memphis Belle

Filled with cliches but still effective, 1990's MEMPHIS BELLE boasts a great cast and a strong second half of WW2 action.

It's 1943 and any squad that completes 25 missions gets to head back home. The first team to ever near that mark are the ten men of the Memphis Belle.

Matthew Modine leads the cast as the always serious captain, with an all star crew including Tate Donovan, Sean Astin, Billy Zane, Eric Stoltz and Harry Connick Jr in his first film role.

The first half almost gets bogged down in one cliche after another, but once the 25th mission gets airborne, so does the film.

The special effects are pretty lame by today's standards, but the music score by George Fenton is excellent, as is the photography by David Watkin (Out of Africa, Chariots of Fire).

There aren't a lot of surprises, but for good old fashioned war movie suspense, you could do a lot worse than the sturdy Memphis Belle. B-

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