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Mars Attacks!

You don't come to a Tim Burton movie based on a series of bubble gum trading cards with expectations of a literary classic. You come for fun and on that scale MARS ATTACKS delivers the goods!

Burton has always been one of our quirkiest and most visually arresting filmmakers with films like "Edward Scissorhands" and his Batman films of the 90's.

He's less concerned creating mythology this time, putting all his energy into fun as he tells the tale of some very nasty little green men and their massive attack on planet Earth.

Jack Nicholson plays both the President and a garish cowboy Las Vegas investor, Glenn Close is the first lady and Pierce Brosnan is a scientist so relentlessly wrong in his belief that the Aliens mean us no harm that his opinions single hand-idly wipe out most of the government.

Thank heavens Rod Steiger is around as a war hungry general, Martin Short as the most kiss-ass press secretary in history and Annette Bening as the wife of Nicholson's gambler.

It's all about the little green men and Burton delivers the goods with great looking early CGI bad buys with massive brains. You cant understand a word they say, but it's clear that they think humans are the most gullible and ridiculous species they've ever encountered.

Any movie that features Tom Jones as himself battling aliens with Jim Brown, Sarah Jessica Parker's head mounted on a dog's body (insert your own joke there), Michael J. Fox getting blown up and the music of Slim Whitman as a major plot point has my admiration.

Fun title sequence and music score by frequent Burton collaborator Danny Elfman too.

So lightweight it floats away with the slightest breeze, MARS ATTACKS isn't great Tim Burton, but it's plenty of fun in a 50's sci-fi, B-Movie on steroids kind of way.

ACK! ACK! We'll blast it with a big green B-.

(Howard Stern fans will recognize Eric the Actor's signature audio accompaniment throughout, every time the aliens talk...LOL)

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