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Let's Be Cops

Whew is this a dumb movie.

Is it funny? Occasionally its very funny, with a couple laugh out loud moments, but man oh man is LETS BE COPS all over the map.

The very likeable Jake Johnson (New Girl) is the best thing in the movie. A former college football star, Ryan (Johnson) finds himself a loser with few goals and way too much pride in the herpes commercial he starred in for $11K.

His roommate Justin (Daymon Wayans Jr) is a video game programmer reduced to playing secretary to his obnoxious boss.

Attending a costume party, the boys wear fake cop uniforms and find themselves enjoying the power and the attention they get.

From there, the movie escalates into an ever dumber series of coincidences and stereotypes and predictability. There are no surprises in this story, you will see the plot lines many miles away.

Their characters, at various times in the movie, smoke crystal meth "undercover", force arrested gang members to pole dance and get in fist fights with brawling sorority sisters. Rather desperate.

Wayans and Johnson manage to rise above and get some pretty big laughs, but by the time the film decides to become a legitimate action movie in the last third, you may be calling a citizens arrest due to lack of intelligence in the screenplay.

Johnson is funny throughout but Andy Garcia is wasted and Rob Riggle, one of the funniest guys on the planet is inexplicably cast in a straight dramatic role.

We'll pull this one over with a middle of the road C.

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