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Surprisingly dark, funny and well acted, KRAMPUS is loaded with talent, landing like a lump of coal as the anti-heartwarming film for your Christmas.

I went in expecting a dumb horror movie set around the holiday, but was really surprised by the total commitment of the great cast.

Young Max (Emjay Anthony of "Bad Moms" and "Chef") is aging out of Kris Kringle but desperate to believe.

His parents Tom, played by Adam Scott (Big Little Lies, Parks & Rec) and Sarah, well played by Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense) are trying to put together the perfect Christmas. It implodes when obnoxious family members arrive, especially Howard, hilariously played by David Koechner (Anchorman, The Office) and his wife played by Allison Tolman, so brilliant on TV's "Fargo" and their gaggle of kids.

When Max's Christmas spirit leaves, a legendary demon fills the void, wrapping their town in a massive storm of snow and evil fun.

The film isn't afraid to push boundaries of dark humor or violence, with nasty gingerbread men, killer toy robots and an Exorcist style tree angel all kicking butt and paving the way for our giant hooved Krampus.

I laughed a lot thanks to these talented and funny actors and was pleasantly surprised how well the fun but graphic horror suspense mixed with the festive carols and holiday trappings.

Definitely not for kids, its a hard R rated stocking full of scares, kids getting dragged up chimneys and a very nasty bag of tricks.

More trick or treat then HO HO HO, I'll give it a snow & blood covered B-.

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