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Kill Bill: Volume 2

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Quentin Tarantino has done a pretty brilliant thing in creating a companion piece to KB Volume 1 that is very different and yet just as powerful. KILL BILL VOLUME 2 continues the story of The Bride's path of vengeance to former boss and lover Bill.

This film has much less action, a slower pace but is still just as engaging, filled with perfect dialogue, a deeper dive on the characters and their motivation and a nearly hour long final sequence in which The Bride finally meets Bill.

Uma Thurman is epic as The Bride, one of the most empowered female action characters ever on screen.

Uma's last two targets on her way to Bill are Bud (Michael Madsen), Bill's brother, bouncer and lowlife, living in a filthy trailer in the middle of the desert and Elle Driver, played by Daryl Hannah.

As the only member of the Viper Squad that admits he's got his revenge coming, Bud still extracts a major victory against The Bride, burying her alive in a harrowing scene that puts you in the wooden coffin along with her as the light fades and the dirt gets deeper.

Hannah and Thurman's epic hand-to-hand battle to the death in Bud's dilapidated double wide is fantastic, a classic Tarantino blend of music, edits, brutal violence and funny touches.

Nearly the last hour of the film depicts The Bride's arrival at Bill's home and their long conversations over the next few hours.

David Carradine is really superb as Bill, crafting every nuance of QT's dialogue for Bill with eccentric, perfect delivery that allows The Bride (and us) to savor every word.

Flashbacks are completely non-linear but never confusing and there are some laugh out loud moments throughout.

Watch for one of the best "small role" performances in years from Michael Parks as Esteban Vihaio, the last man between Thurman and Bill's address. Like the entire film, its so quirky and stylized it puts a giant smile on your face.

Look quick for Samuel L Jackson as Rufus, the organist at The Bride's blood spattered wedding and Bo Svenson (Walking Tall) as Reverend Harmony.

Brutal, hilarious, thoughtful and so damn smart its amazing, KILL BILL VOLUME 2 is that rare companion piece like The Godfather Part II that actually lives up to and expands your appreciation for the original film.

There is not one wasted shot, one unwarranted camera angle of superfluous word of dialogue in the film. Volume 2 KILLS. A+

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