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Isn't It Romantic

Rebel Wilson's never been better than in her enjoyable new meta-romantic comedy ISN'T IT ROMANTIC.

Wilson is Natalie, a smart, capable architect whose mostly ignored in her job and invisible in her personal life. The opening scenes are both fast and funny in introducing us to her as a child madly in love with romantic classics and an adult still dreaming of a true Hollywood romance.

After she's mugged in the subway and smacks her head during her getaway, Natalie finds herself inside a classic romantic movie.

It all plays a lot better than it sounds, with Wilson realistically playing her baffled confusion inside her new world, where every doctor is impossibly handsome and every street is Disneyland clean and loaded with flowers.

When Natalie gets to her apartment, now four times its old size and a thousand times nicer, her call to 9-11 is hilarious.

Her new client Blake (Liam Hemsworth) falls madly in love with her immediately. Her best friend Josh (the reliably funny Adam Devine) saves a choking supermodel Isabella (gorgeous and hilarious Priyanka Chopra), who promptly falls in love with him.

It's a fine line executing a romantic comedy inside a send up of the genre itself, but the filmmakers pull it off really well, loading every minute with laughs and a very surprising amount of heart.

It's Wilson's first time in the lead role in any film and she's terrific, pulling off dramatic moments just as gracefully as her falls over furniture. Her karaoke number is a crack up.

WIlson wears many of the same outfits as Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" and her horror at finding herself in them gives Wilson some classic moments of her own.

Tamara and I both really enjoyed this one.

Wilson is one of the best physical comedians working and she nails every pratfall, but her best fall is finding her own way to romance.

By the last 30 minutes, you'll be truly rooting for her while laughing out loud.

The definition of a feel good comedy, ISNT IT ROMANTIC gets a solid B+.

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