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In Bruges

What a great film.

To the four friends that recommended IN BRUGES to me over the past couple months, I can only say Wow, do you know my taste in movies and Thank you!

The first film written and directed by playwright Martin McDonagh, this hilarious black comedy tells the tale of two hitmen sent to the town of Bruges (it's in Belgium) to cool off after an especially nasty job.

Ken (Brendan Gleeson) is the tranquil one, happy to see the sights of Bruges and soak up the local atmosphere. Ray (Colin Farrell) is wired a LOT tighter and just wants the hell out of the ancient city.

Both Gleeson and Farrell are excellent and Colin is SO good, you wonder why his talent never quite translates in some of the films he's stuck into in the US.

Rounding out this trio is their crime boss, played as a twisted, profane, short fused maniac by Ralph Fiennes, many miles from any other performance I've ever seen him give. He is fantastic.

This is a very dark comedy and very, very profane, with rapid fire dialogue hitting you so fast and so funny and so laced with foul language you can't help but appreciate its brilliance.

It's a laugh out loud movie, but as the boys discover some things about themselves and their relationship in Bruges, there's great drama and suspense as well.

These are real people, perfectly written and brilliantly executed.

Not for the kids or the easily offended, but nirvana for people that like their films adult, smart, funny and real.

Jordan Prentice is great as Jimmy the dwarf and Ciaran Hinds and Zeljko Ivanek are terrific as a Priest and an unfortunate Canadian tourist who crosses Ray's path.

I wish I could have spent more time In Bruges, book your visit today! A+

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