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Hot Fuzz

A hilarious, action-filled comedy from the creators of "Shaun of the Dead", HOT FUZZ delivers equal measures of laughs, violence and action movie highs.

Simon Pegg stars as the perfect London policeman, Nicholas Angel. He is so good at his job that his bosses are mad he is making the rest of them look bad. They decide to move him into a job way out in the country in the quaint little town of Sandford as the head of their police force.

Angel discovers that there hasn't been a murder in years, his deputy Danny Butterman (the hilarious Nick Frost) dreams about experiencing REAL cop action by binge watching movies and the entire sleepy town is barely in need of one cop, let along the best in the land.

Soon, mysterious deaths begin occurring and only Angel sees them as murders. As the method of the deaths grow more and more spectacular, Angel and his deputy are drawn into a terrific adventure that's better left unsaid, so that you can enjoy discovering the pieces with them.

A very, very clever spoof of traditional buddy cop films, HOT FUZZ manages to parody them at the same time it evolves into one, with many laughs along the way.

Timothy Dalton has a blast as a potential bad guy and grocery store manager, Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) and Bill Nighy (Love Actually) add a ton of laughs as members of the force.

Pegg and Frost play perfectly off each other, building on the great rapport they had in "Shaun" and becoming a great buddy cop team for the ages.

The violence is graphic, bloody and jarring up against the laugh-out-loud comedy, but this unique mix of action and laughs works like a charm.

HOT FUZZ is an arresting, unique and hilarious comedy that gets a bullet ridden, fireball singed B.

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