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Harry Potter has officially left Hogwarts.

In HORNS, Daniel Radcliffe adopts an American accent and a bad attitude to portray Ig Perrish.

Ig wakes up from a drunken stupor to the reality that his girlfriend has been found dead and he is the #1 suspect.

Compounding his problems, Devil horns begin to sprout from his head. As Ig attempts to hide his new accessories, he realizes that they give him the power to make anyone tell the truth of their deepest & darkest secrets or desires.

That's a pretty effective tool for tracking down his love's true murderer.

The horns also seems to hold sway over the people in his small town, making them forget they have seen them even as they comment on them to Ig.

The film is an odd mashup of styles, starting off as a crime drama and mixing in generous doses of comedy, horror and tragedy. You can't blame the source material, HORNS was one of my favorite books a few years ago. Written by Stephen King's son Joe Hill, it's fast, smart, scary and funny.

Radcliffe carries the film on his back and turns in a great performance as Ig, but the film never quite comes together. At 120 minutes, it's at least twenty minutes too long and its conclusion suddenly slips into fantasy elements that dont pack any punch.

Director Alexandre Aja wastes a great story with a lot of pointless meandering around the edges of the story. You'd think with a title like HORNS he would know how to get to the point.

Hey, the horns ARE great and so is Daniel. Too bad everything surrounding him is just plain dull.

We'll stick Horns with a C.

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