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Finally. After 40 years, we finally get the sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 classic we deserve. Simply titled HALLOWEEN, its a fast, humor infused homage to the original that Jamie Lee Curtis blazes through in bloody great style.

Michael Myers is about to be transferred to a different facility and Laurie Strode (Curtis) is terrified that the world has forgotten just how evil he is.

Curtis is terrific as a tortured woman who's clearly alienated her entire family in her quest to protect them 24 hours a day. She KNOWS that if Michael gets free, he's coming home to finish the job he started four decades ago.

When two famous podcast hosts pursue interviews with Laurie, they discover an alcoholic woman, alone in her daily weapons training to combat the killer she knows will return.

Well, guess what. During that transport (on Halloween day of course), Michael escapes, setting up an excellent second half that recreates everything that audiences loved about the original.

Danny McBride (Vice Principals, Eastbound and Down) wrote the script alongside the director and brings plenty of smart humor, creating a hard to achieve mix between genuine scares and big laughs.

John Carpenter is back as a producer and to help update his classic movie score alongside his son Cody Carpenter. Like the rest of the film, the music is fresh, hard driving and a terrific tribute to your best memories of the original. It's loaded with subtle tributes to many of the films in the series.

Jamie Lee Curtis can brandish weapons with the best of them and the scenes at her fortress of a home against Michael are a violent, suspenseful blast.

After endless retreads, unnecessary and tiresome sequels, HALLOWEEN is the one we've been waiting for since 1978. Made for $10 million and grossing over $250 million worldwide, audiences turned out for the real deal.

If you loved the original, this one will surprise you with just how great it is. HALLOWEEN gets an A.

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