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Godspell (Broadway)

Saw the revival of "Godspell" on Broadway 10-27-11 with Jessica Fiscus and found the whole thing just a tad "off". It has a great, energetic (literally bouncing off the walls) cast, especially 'Weeds" Hunter Parrish and "Glee's" Terry Leung, who has the single best moment of the night with the "All Good Gifts" opener of the second act. Julie Mattison's 'Turn Back O Man" is hilarious and a showstopper too, but overall, the evening feels like being trapped in a basement with a bunch of kids hopped up on 5 Hour energy shots. Attempts to update the musical with references from everything from Donald Trump, Occupy Wall Street and Shake Weight seem very forced and almost make you uncomfortable they are trying so hard. You are better off going next door and seeing 'Wicked" by the same composer, Stephen Schwartz. By the end of "Godspell" you realize just how much he has improved at his job since he wrote this one. I'll throw it a C.

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