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Get Shorty

John Travolta, Gene Hackman, Rene Russo and Danny DeVito bring their A-game to one of 1995's most entertaining box office hits, GET SHORTY.

Travolta is flawless as mid-level mobster and top drawer film buff Chili Palmer. Chili is tracking down Leo (David Paymer) who has faked his own death and flown off to Las Vegas with some of the mob's money. Chili follows him to Vegas and soon finds himself trailing the money to Los Angeles, where Chili feels very at home amongst the Hollywood elite.

Hungry to enter the movie business, Chili quickly networks with schlock producer Harry Zimm (Hackman at his best) and one of Zimm's stars, gorgeous Karen Flores (Russo).

Before you can shout "Action", Chili is involved in a major film project with huge (but diminutive) movie star Martin Weir (DeVito) while avoiding circling gangsters Bones Barboni and Bo Catlett (Delroy Lindo).

Bones is played by Dennis Farina (Thief, Manhunter) in one his most profane and hilarious performances. Bones must be the most abused gangster on record and Farina gets big laughs from start to finish.

Bette Midler and James Gandolfini are both terrific, but its Travolta's show and he is in command in every scene, clearly relishing one of his best written roles.

There are a LOT of moving pieces to this story that keep you guessing and in less talented hands, the film could have been a mess.

Credit Scott Frank's tight screenplay adaption of Elmore Leonard's novel and strong direction from Barry Sonnefeld (Men In Black) with making this fast, witty fun.

Get ready to laugh in style. Go ahead, GET SHORTY. It's an A.

Followed a decade later in 2005 by sequel BE COOL.

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