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Get On Up

It's a tragic loss that Chadwick Boseman passed away so young. Based on the wide breadth of his performances in "Black Panther", "42" and 2014's GET ON UP, he was built for a lifetime of great roles.

Here, he embodies legendary singer James Brown from his teenage years to end of his life, thanks to some amazing makeup work.

Boseman becomes Brown, adapting his rapid patter, strutting attitude and explosive stage persona.

Like "Rocketman" and its warts and all portrayal of Elton John, GET ON UP makes no attempt to gloss over Brown's violent abuse of his wife, his many affairs or his failures to demonstrate loyalty to those around him.

The past never excuses abusive behavior as an adult, but there are moments in Brown's childhood that are so horrific, they literally jar you as you watch.

Young actor Jordan Scott is terrific as Little James, traded between his abusive father and horrific mother (Viola Davis in a powerful performance).

The film wouldn't work at all if the musical performances weren't believable and Boseman delivers them with energy and style that would make the Godfather of Soul proud.

Nelsan Ellis (True Blood) is terrific as Brown's music partner Bobby Byrd and Brandon Smith all but steals the movie as Little Richard.

Boseman trained for two month on his singing and dancing and it shows. I loved the fact that a young Mick Jagger and the Stones appear in part of the film and that Jagger himself produced the movie. His respect for Brown and his musical legacy is evident.

A heartbreaking movie in many ways, it's also a celebration of Brown's music and unique performance style that blazed a trail for an entire genre.

While the movie never quite matches him, Boseman is excellent. He IS James Brown. The film around him gets a B-.

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