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1985's FLETCH is one of Chevy Chase's best moments on screen. As reporter Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher, Chase hilariously changes his identity and name every five minutes to Ted Nugent, Harry S. Truman and "Poon". " What kind of name is Poon? Fletch: "Commanche Indian". LOL. Approached by a wealthy businessman (Tim Matheson) who asks Fletch to kill him at his home because he is dying of cancer, Fletch gets drawn into a complicated plot that gets more mysterious as it goes. All that plot is secondary to a lot of terrific one-liners from Chase at the 1980's top of his game. Many of my friends still use "Charge it to The Underhills. Ball Bearings, it's ALL about ball bearings boys!" to this day. Joe Don Baker and Geena Davis provide great support to Chevy. Fletch is a reminder of just how good Chase was when working with a great script by Andrew Bergman (Blazing Saddles, The In-Laws) and strong direction by Michael Ritchie (The Candidate, Smile). The really dated 80's soundtrack is the only thing that weighs down the film. Tons of laughs and tons of characters for Chase to riff on drive Fletch to a solid B.

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