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Fiddler on the Roof

1971's FIDDLER ON THE ROOF is more drama than musical, but it's a classic that holds up really well around our house.

Topol stars as Tevye, raising his daughters in a very poor village in pre-revolutionary Russia.

As his daughters begin one by one to challenge long held traditions of his faith and family, he has to decide if their freedom and their happiness outweighs many lifetimes worth of rules.

The first half is a lot of fun, but the second half becomes much heavier as the entire village is first harassed then attacked by Russian forces.

It's a great cast led by Topol and Norma Crane as his wife. Look for a pre-Starsky and Hutch Paul Michael Glaser as Perchik.

Lots of classic songs including "Tradition", 'Sunrise, Sunset" and "Do You Love Me", winner of the Oscar for best score, sound and cinematography and nominated for 5 more, including Best Picture, Director and Actor.

By turns funny, heavy, sad and moving, Fiddler has become a "Tradition" in our house and gets a solid A.

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