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Empire of the Ants

From the 50's through the 70's, it was all the rage to throw together a B level cast, some radiation, a giant mutant animal or insect and let the on screen fun begin.

Unfortunately, there is little or NO fun to be had in 1977's EMPIRE OF THE ANTS.

Joan Collins (you think those fights on Dynasty were bad, wait until you see her duking it out with giant ants!) is a shady real estate developer, literally trying to pawn off swamp land to dopey retirees.

There's no plumbing, no real plans, only a few roads, but perhaps the community's worst feature are the giant, radiation exposed ants, who have been feeding on the damaged toxic waste barrels that have washed up on shore.

The acting by the supporting cast is really bad, even for a b-movie. The only laughs are those of the unintentional variety.

The special effects are so bad they generate some chuckles too, with most of the ants clearly photographed in a glass aquarium and then superimposed next to the actors.

When they do interact, its with an ant head here or an occasional lifeless leg or two, their only movement generated by the actors wrestling with them.

Collins is in full evil mode throughout, causing a lot of cheering for the ants. The last quarter of the film tries to take the proceedings to a different level when our ragtag bunch of survivors stumble into a town that's mysteriously unfazed by the ants.

When the biggest feature of your town is a giant sugar mill and ants seven feet tall are nearby, you've got a problem.

Poor HG WELLS, having his name dragged through the swamp by this silly crap. This was Director Burt Gordon/s follow up to his 1976 hit "HG Wells Food of the Gods", featuring giant rodents.

I guess when you have a good thing going.....

Run Joan Run!!!

Empire gets an F.

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