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Clear and Present Danger

Harrison Ford returned to the role of Jack Ryan for the second and final time in 1993 in CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER.

In this second installment of Ford's Ryan films, our own government is the enemy and Ford is at his best battling the smarmy weasels buried in our political halls.

Admiral Greer (James Earl Jones) is sidelined with cancer and he only trusts Ryan to fill his role as Director of the CIA.

When drug cartels begin killing Americans, Ford leads the investigation but soon finds himself mired in crosses and double crosses as elements within the US liaison with military groups in South America that have multiple missions and loyalties.

Ryan soon finds himself in the field, stuck in the crossfire. Willem Dafoe is terrific as John Clark, a mercenary whose loyalties are murky.

Donald Moffat (The Thing) is a crafty President and Disney comic actor Dean Jones turns in a great, dark performance as a political player.

Anne Archer and Thora Birch are back as Ryan's wife and daughter and Director Philip Noyce shows a sure hand in his return from the previous Ryan outing, "Patriot Games".

Joaquim de Almedia is excellent as Col. Cortez, one of the best bad guys in any Ryan flick.

James Horner provides a great music score that pulsates and tears through all the action, a nice accent to the smart screenplay that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat.

No one has had as many successful film series as Ford. He is great as always here, creating a character you'll cheer for from the opening scene to the last.

Clear and Present Danger isn't the best Ryan film, but its a very good thriller that gets a B.

Followed 9 years later in 2002 with Ben Affleck as Ryan in "The Sum of All Fears".

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