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Bradley Cooper cooks up a hell of a performance as a celebrity chef trying to make a comeback after a serious and infamous flame out in BURNT.

Adam Jones (Cooper) was a young, famous and daring chef with two Michelin stars when his diva behavior, insecurities and raging drug habit drove him to massive and very public failure.

Jones didn't burn his bridges, he destroyed them along with everyone close to him on his fall from grace.

As the film opens, Jones is wrapping up a self-imposed penance in New Orleans and heading back to London to stage a comeback.

Meeting his former friends and co-workers, Jones begins a very tortured climb back up the ladder.

Restaurant owner Tony (the excellent Daniel Bruhl from "Rush") finds himself with a mediocre dining spot in an upscale hotel, but too many memories of Jones exit to jump at the chance to work with him again.

Omar Sy is Michel, badly burned by Jones but anxious to rebuild their magic.Matthew Rhys is Reece, current celebrity chef & rival and Sienna Miller is terrific as Helene, whose talent serves up the perfect pairing to Jones' menu.

The road to the top is twisted, interesting and filled with more than a few dangerous hurdles.

Cooper is very good as Jones, channeling the verbose profanity and anger of Gordon Ramsey and the most unbalanced aspects of celebrity versus personal challenges.

Emma Thompson and Uma Thurman provide nice support in key roles and Director John Wells (August Osage County, ER) serves everything up with a polished shine that equals all the perfect plates.

Less than predictable, entertaining and perfectly cooked, BURNT is an entertaining feast of acting talent, presented in style. It gets a B.

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