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Broadcast News

Writer/Director James L. Brooks hit a home run with audiences with his second film as a director, 1987's BROADCAST NEWS.

The man behind "The Simpsons" and "Terms of Endearment" brings plenty of wit and great writing to his tale of a Washington DC TV News Network.

Holly Hunter is hard driving producer Jane Craig. A fast moving control freak, she's got a firm grip on everyone in the news room and detests the pretty faces that are taking over the network news.

Albert Brooks is her best friend and terrific reporter Aaron Altman. The two have made hundreds of great segments together and they both feel that Aaron is due his turn at the anchor desk.

Enter William Hurt as Tom Grunick. A great looking guy with more instincts than brains, he's everything that Jane detests, so why does she find herself so drawn to him?

The trio are plunged into plenty of newsroom antics and breaking stories, some for laughs, some for drama.

Brooks writing is witty, sharp and real-life. This IS the way people talk, and the way two guys fight for a woman they both like.

Brooks is especially good as Aaron. When he finally gets his stint at the weekend Anchor desk, it's one of the eighties funniest scenes. You've never seen flop sweat on this level.

Robert Prosky (Mrs. Doubtfire, The Natural) is great as the network producer and Jack Nicholson brings trademark humor with a touch of menace as the National News Anchor that Tom aspires to be and all others scatter away from at every cost. Joan Cusack is hilarious as Jane's right hand woman.

You'll get to know these people, but thanks to Brooks, you'll never quite know what's going to happen next, thankfully.

BROADCAST NEWS deserved every one of its 7 Oscar nominations including the ones for its writer/director and all three stars. One of my favorite films of the 80's, and in my all-time Top 100, it gets an A+.

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