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Body Heat

Movies in the 80's were a lot sexier than they are now. For evidence of that, along with one of the best films of that era, check out 1981's BODY HEAT.

This was writer Lawrence Kasdan's (The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Big Chill) first time in the director's chair and one of his best.

William Hurt stars as Florida lawyer Ned Racine. Stuck with low level clients and questionable enthusiasm, Racine burns the hot nights bedding waitresses and nurses of an endless variety.

When he meets wealthy local woman Matty Walker (a smoldering Kathleen Turner) his world turns upside down and he can think of nothing else.

When they start sleeping together in her massive home while her husband's away all week, the two fall in love and begin to consider every possibility for their future, including killing her husband.

Richard Crenna is terrific as her husband, Mickey Rourke is strong as a local arsonist that Ned once got off in court and an impossibly young Ted Danson is great as Ned's friend and fellow attorney Peter, who's sage advice arrives a bit to late for Ned.

This was William Hurt's second big film role after "Altered States" and he's very good as a man caught up in love and willing to do anything for the object of his desire.

This was Kathleen Turner's first movie role and what a debut it is. She's sexy, dangerous and clever. You can't blame Ned for falling for Matty.

Kasdan bathes every moment of the film in heat, from the opening credits to the final frames, everything and everyone seems to drip in sweat.

John Barry wraps everything in one of his best music scores, upping the temperature on the mystery, the tension and the sex to a fever pitch.

Body Heat sizzles. One of my all time Top 100, it gets an A+.

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